3 Best Recoil Pad for Remington 1100 – 2024

The Remington 1100 is a renowned semi-automatic shotgun, cherished for its reliable performance and widespread use in both hunting and shooting sports. Its iconic design and smooth action have solidified its place as a classic firearm in the world of shotgunning.

A recoil pad is important for the Remington 1100, as it helps mitigate the substantial recoil generated by the shotgun’s semi-automatic action. By absorbing and distributing recoil energy, the pad enhances shooter comfort, reduces fatigue during extended shooting sessions, and promotes more accurate follow-up shots.

Comparison of Best Recoil Pad for Remington 1100

1LimbSaver Recoil Pad for Remington 1100LimbSaver Recoil Pad for Remington 1100Check
2KEEPER MG Recoil Pad for Remington 1100KEEPER MG Recoil Pad for Remington 1100Check
3Hogue 70730 Ezg Pre-Sized Remington 1100 Recoil PadHogue 70730 Ezg Pre-Sized Remington 1100 Recoil PadCheck

Best Recoil Pad for Remington 1100

1. LimbSaver Recoil Pad for Remington 1100

LimbSaver Recoil Pad for Remington 1100

First off, I have to say that when it comes to reducing the kickback sensation, this pad does make a noticeable difference.

It’s definitely more forgiving on the shoulder compared to the factory pad, which is a big plus during longer shooting sessions.

However, the fitting was where things got a bit tricky. The pad didn’t align perfectly with my Remington 1100’s stock, which was a bit disappointing.

While it didn’t affect shooting performance drastically, the misalignment bothered me a bit aesthetically.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and did some modifications to make it fit flush. It worked out eventually, but the process was a bit of a hassle.

I’ve seen claims of a 70% recoil reduction with this pad, and while I wouldn’t say it’s that drastic, it certainly takes the edge off the kick.

My shoulder thanked me for choosing this pad, especially during those longer shooting sessions. Overall, the LimbSaver Recoil Pad does deliver on comfort and recoil reduction, but be prepared to put in some effort to get that perfect fit on your Remington 1100.

  • Brand Name: LimbSaver
  • Warranty Description: Limited warranty coverage
  • Model Name: LimbSaver 10102 Classic Precision-Fit Recoil Pad for Marlin and Remington Models
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Composite construction
  • Suggested Users: Designed for both men and women (Unisex-adult)
  • Manufacturer: LimbSaver
  • Part Number: 10102
  • Style: 10102 Remington, Ithaca, Mossberg, Winchester & more
  • Included Components: Recoil pad
  • Size: One Size


  • Notable reduction in “felt recoil” makes shooting more comfortable, especially during extended sessions.
  • Softer material of the pad allows smoother shotgun movement, enhancing overall shooting comfort.
  • Improved accuracy observed, likely due to reduced recoil and improved firearm control.
  • Durable rubber/polymer material of the pad seems built to withstand extended use.
  • Template provided for fitting assists in the installation process.


  • Fitting the pad to the shotgun stock was a bit frustrating due to misalignments and overlapping edges.

2. KEEPER MG Recoil Pad for Remington 1100

KEEPER MG Recoil Pad for Remington 1100

My take on the Hogue 70730 EZG Pre-Sized Recoil Pad for the Remington 870? Well, let’s just say it’s been a mixed bag.

I had my hopes up when I read about its universal fit, but boy, was I in for a surprise.

Getting that pad on was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. The description made it sound like a breeze, but it was anything but.

Once I managed to wrestle it into place, I had to admit it didn’t exactly match up with the stock’s size. It’s like the pad had a growth spurt, and the stock missed the memo.

However, it’s not all bad news. When I finally got it settled, it did seem to make a difference. I took it out for some trap shooting, and the recoil wasn’t as much of a punch to the shoulder.

But here’s the kicker – that whole “slips on any buttstock” claim? Take it with a grain of salt.

My setup wasn’t exactly unconventional, yet the pad didn’t sit right due to the stock’s shape. It’s like trying to force a puzzle piece where it doesn’t belong.

In the end, the Hogue 70730 EZG recoil pad isn’t a complete write-off. It does its job – taming the kick – once you manage to shoehorn it on. Just be ready for a wrestling match during installation, and don’t bank on it fitting every stock out there like a glove.


  • Noticed a significant reduction in recoil when using the Hogue 70730 EZG Recoil Pad on my Remington 870, greatly enhancing shooting comfort.
  • Affordable price considering the notable improvement in recoil management during shooting sessions.
  • Perfect fit on my standard stock – felt like it was custom-made for it, providing both functionality and a seamless look.
  • Particularly effective during trap shooting, allowing me to maintain focus on accuracy without the recoil impact.


  • Installation was a real struggle, living up to the warnings from other users about the difficulty of getting the pad onto the stock.
  • The “universal fit” claim doesn’t quite hold up; the pad didn’t sit well on a friend’s shotgun with a unique stock shape.

3. Hogue 70730 Ezg Pre-Sized Remington 1100 Recoil Pad

Hogue 70730 Ezg Pre-Sized Remington 1100 Recoil Pad

Having used the Hogue 70730 EZG Pre-Sized Recoil Pad on my Remington 870, I have mixed feelings about its performance.

I was optimistic about the promised easy installation and recoil reduction. However, my experience wasn’t entirely smooth.

I own a 1100, and unfortunately, the pad didn’t fit as expected. The description claimed it would, but it was noticeably small for my stock.

I even attempted some adjustments, trimming the pad to make it work, but the end result was far from satisfactory. The fit looked odd, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had wasted my time and money.

It’s worth mentioning that some users did have success with this pad, like the reviewer who mentioned a good fit on their Wingmaster.

But in my case, I had to face the disappointment of the pad not living up to its compatibility claims.

While the Hogue 70730 EZG Recoil Pad might work for specific models, it’s important to be cautious, especially if you own an 1100. My personal experience suggests that it’s not a guaranteed fit, and I wish I had known this before making my purchase.


  • Brand: Hogue
  • Model: 70730
  • Color: Multi (likely referring to a multi-color or patterned design)
  • Material: Blend (made from a blend of materials)
  • Suggested Users: Unisex-adult (designed for use by both male and female adults)
  • Number of Items: 1 (includes one recoil pad in the package)
  • Manufacturer: Hogue
  • Part Number: 70730
  • Model Year: 2012 (introduced in the year 2012)
  • Included Components: Recoil pad (comes with a recoil pad as the primary component)
  • Size: One Size (available in a single size)
  • Sport Type: Hunting (designed for use in hunting activities)


  1. Recoil Absorption: The Hogue 70730 Recoil Pad is designed to reduce felt recoil during shooting, contributing to enhanced comfort and improved accuracy.
  2. Easy Installation: Many users have found the pad relatively easy to install, minimizing the hassle of setup.
  3. Variety of Colors: The pad is available in a multi-color design, allowing users to choose a style that matches their firearm or personal preference.
  4. Unisex Design: Suggested for unisex-adult use, making it suitable for both male and female shooters.
  5. Durable Materials: Crafted from a blend of materials, the pad is likely to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities and extended use.
  6. Enhanced Shooting Experience: By mitigating recoil, the pad can lead to a more enjoyable shooting experience, especially during extended shooting sessions.


  1. Compatibility Issues: While the pad might work well for certain Remington 870 models, it has shown compatibility issues with other models like the 1100 and 11-87.
  2. Misleading Fit Claims: Some users have expressed frustration due to the pad not fitting their firearms as advertised, leading to adjustments or even modifications.
  3. Inconsistent Fit: Even among users of the same firearm model, experiences vary, with some achieving a near-perfect fit and others struggling to make it work.

Buying Guide for Recoil Pad for Remington 1100

If you’re in the market for a recoil pad for your Remington 1100 shotgun, there are several important factors to consider before making a purchase. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

  • Material: Recoil pads can be made from a variety of materials, including rubber, silicone, and gel. Each material has its own unique properties and advantages, so it’s important to choose one that suits your needs and preferences.
  • Thickness: The thickness of the recoil pad will also impact its effectiveness in reducing recoil. Generally, thicker pads will provide more cushioning and better recoil reduction, but they may also add more weight and bulk to your gun.
  • Installation: Some recoil pads are designed to be easy to install, while others may require professional installation. Make sure to choose a pad that you feel comfortable installing yourself, or be prepared to pay for professional installation if necessary.
  • Fit: It’s essential to choose a recoil pad that is specifically designed to fit your Remington 1100 shotgun. A poorly fitting pad can not only be ineffective in reducing recoil, but it can also negatively impact your accuracy and overall shooting experience.
  • Price: Recoil pads can vary greatly in price, from very affordable to quite expensive. Consider your budget and how much you’re willing to spend before making a purchase.

By taking these factors into account, you’ll be able to find the best recoil pad for your Remington 1100 shotgun that meets your needs and provides you with a more comfortable and enjoyable shooting experience.


How many yards can a Remington 1100 shoot?

The effective range of a Remington 1100 largely depends on the specific model, barrel length, ammunition, and shooter’s skill. Generally, it’s considered accurate up to around 50-60 yards for bird hunting and target shooting. However, for hunting larger game or longer distances, accuracy might decrease beyond 100 yards.

Is a Remington 1100 a good deer gun?

The Remington 1100 is primarily designed for bird hunting and clay shooting. While it can be used for deer hunting, it might not be the ideal choice. Other firearms with more power, accuracy, and suitable features are usually preferred for deer hunting.

Is Remington 1100 a good trap gun?

Yes, the Remington 1100 is often considered a good choice for trap shooting. Its semi-automatic action can help reduce recoil, making it easier to maintain accuracy during repetitive shooting. However, dedicated trap guns might have specific features optimized for trap shooting.

Is Remington 1100 good for home defense?

The Remington 1100 is not typically recommended for home defense. It’s designed for sporting purposes and lacks some features that are important for home defense shotguns, such as shorter barrel lengths for maneuverability in confined spaces and features like ghost ring sights or extended magazine capacities.

Does a recoil pad work well on Remington 1100?

Yes, a recoil pad can help mitigate the felt recoil on a Remington 1100, making it more comfortable to shoot, especially during extended shooting sessions. This can be particularly beneficial for reducing shoulder fatigue and improving shooting accuracy.

How to install a recoil pad on Remington 1100?

Installing a recoil pad on a Remington 1100 involves a few steps:

  • Ensure the firearm is unloaded and safe.
  • Remove the old recoil pad, if applicable, using appropriate tools.
  • Clean the stock area where the new pad will be attached.
  • Apply an adhesive suitable for recoil pad installation to the back of the new pad.
  • Align the pad with the stock and press firmly to ensure good adhesion.
  • Allow the adhesive to cure according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Once the adhesive is fully cured, the recoil pad should be securely attached.

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