About Us


As an experienced firearms and ammunition expert, with a particular focus on recoil pads, I have become a sought-after consultant and advisor in the industry. My knowledge and experience in this field have helped countless shooters find the perfect pad to fit their needs.

Experience in Firearms

With over 20 years in the firearms industry, I have gained extensive experience in firearms and ammunition design, testing, and evaluation. My expertise includes everything from handgun calibers to rifle cartridges, and I am considered an expert in the field.

Recoil Pad Expertise

One area where my expertise truly shines is in the realm of recoil pads. Recoil pads are an essential part of any firearm, as they help to reduce the recoil and make the shooting experience more comfortable. I am well-versed in the design and function of recoil pads, and I have helped countless shooters find the perfect pad to fit their needs.

Consulting Services

In addition to my expertise in firearms and ammunition, I also offer consulting services to companies in the industry. My experience and knowledge make me an invaluable resource for manufacturers, as I can provide feedback on products and help with product development.

Writing and Speaking

I am also a prolific writer and speaker on the subject of firearms and ammunition. I have written numerous articles and blog posts on the topic, and I am frequently invited to speak at industry events and conferences.

Passion for Firearms

Above all, I have a deep passion for firearms and ammunition. I believe that every shooter should have access to the best possible equipment, and I am committed to helping others find the right gear for their needs. My passion for the industry and my expertise in the field make me an invaluable asset to anyone looking to improve their shooting experience.


In conclusion, my experience and knowledge in firearms and ammunition, particularly in recoil pads, make me an invaluable resource for shooters and manufacturers alike. Whether you’re looking for advice on the best recoil pad for your rifle or need help developing a new product, I am the expert you can trust.