3 Best Recoil Pad for AK 47 – 2024

When it comes to firing an AK 47, managing recoil can be a challenge. A recoil pad can help absorb some of the kickback, making it easier to control your shots. With so many options available, it can be tough to know which one is the best for your needs. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top recoil pads on the market for AK 47s.

Comparison of Best Recoil Pad for AK 47

1LThyzszb Perfect Fit Recoil pad for AK-47LThyzszb Perfect Fit Recoil pad for AK-47Check
2Zsling TPR Rubber Recoil Pad for Ak-47 & Ak47 Styled RifleZsling TPR Rubber Recoil Pad for Ak-47 & Ak47 Styled RifleCheck
3LThyzszb Perfect Fit Recoil pad for AK-47Zamudam Rubber Shockproof Recoil Pad for Ak-47Check

Best Recoil Pad for AK 47

1. LThyzszb Perfect Fit Recoil pad for AK-47

LThyzszb Perfect Fit Recoil pad for AK-47
Review Video: how this pad is great for Ak-47 for just 17 dollars.

Reason Why It is Better Than Others

The LThyzszb Perfect Fit Recoil Pad stands out with its precisely engineered dimensions, effectively distributing recoil over a wider area, and its compatibility with various rifle models. Its robust design strikes a balance between rigidity and comfort, offering a unique advantage over other options.

My Experience

The LThyzszb Perfect Fit Recoil Pad for AK-47 is a robust rubber butt pad designed to enhance the shooting experience, particularly with recoil-sensitive firearms like the AK-47.

As an avid shooter, I was intrigued by its reputation and the endorsement of Rob Ski from the AK47 74 Operator’s Union YouTube channel.

The recoil pad, firm and reminiscent of a hard Vibram sole, is ingeniously designed. It fits snugly onto standard wood AK stocks, adding around 3/4″ of length.

Its wider dimensions distribute recoil impact effectively, making it suitable for newer shooters and those seeking added length-of-pull. It strikes a balance between rigidity and comfort.

The pad’s compatibility with different rifle models, such as the GI M1 Carbine, was impressive. As an alternative to gel slip-on pads, this product proved valuable.

The only drawback was its stiffness, which might not be ideal for heavy recoil reduction.

The LThyzszb recoil pad, though not the softest option, is delivered on its promise of added length and recoil distribution.

It’s a valuable addition to my shooting gear, especially when introducing new enthusiasts to the AK-47 experience.

Thorough research before purchase is recommended, as product variations are common in the market.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Slip-On Sleeve
  • High-Quality Rubber
  • Universal Fit
  • Lightweight (164 g)
  • Durable Material
  • Black / Tan Color Options
  • Quality Manufacturing
  • Strong Customer Service


A bit stiff

2. Zsling TPR Rubber Recoil Pad for Ak-47 & Ak47 Styled Rifle

Zsling TPR Rubber Recoil Pad for Ak-47 & Ak47 Styled Rifle

Reason Why It is Better Than Others

The Zsling TPR Rubber Recoil Pad stands out for its secure fit, effective recoil reduction, and affordable quality compared to other options.

My Experience

The Zsling TPR Rubber Recoil Pad designed for AK-47 and similar rifles offers a practical solution for mitigating recoil discomfort.

While not as soft as some users might prefer, it strikes a balance between cushioning and functionality. The pad’s installation process can be a bit challenging, but once it’s securely on, it stays put without any issues.

According to reviews, the pad provides substantial padding without adding bulkiness, which is appreciated by users who want their rifles to stay in place during shooting sessions.

Some found that it fits snugly, while others noted that it might be slightly large for certain rifles. However, even with a loose fit, the rubber material grips well enough to endure prolonged range trips.

The Zsling TPR Rubber Recoil Pad seems to cater to a variety of firearms. It’s acknowledged for reducing shock and making shooting sessions more comfortable.

The product’s quality, especially considering its price point, is praised. Some users even compare it favorably to more expensive alternatives like the Limb-Saver.


  • Effective Recoil Reduction
  • Secure Fit
  • TPR Rubber Material
  • Sleek Profile
  • Versatile Compatibility
  • Affordable Price
  • User-Friendly Installation
  • Multi-Use Potential
  • Color Options
  • Consistent Performance


  • Initial installation can be challenging.
  • Rubber material might feel less soft to some users.

3. Zamudam Rubber Shockproof Recoil Pad for Ak-47

Zamudam Rubber Shockproof Recoil Pad for Ak-47

My Experience

Zamudam Rubber Shockproof recoil pad has both impressed and disappointed me.

On the positive side, it offers a comfortable observation of recoil and comes at an affordable price point.

It was a bit of a stretch to fit it onto my AK-47, but this turned out to be a boon as it remains securely in place during use, minimizing unwanted movement.

However, there are notable downsides.

Firstly, the color was a letdown; advertised as brown, it’s more khaki in reality.

Functionality-wise, while the pad does dampen recoil to an extent, it’s not as effective as I had hoped for.

I must mention the recurrent issue of fit – several users, including myself, have found it challenging to install on various guns.

Some even experienced breakage due to improper sizing.

pictures of mounting this recoil pad on 47 and other stocks


  1. Affordable: The recoil pad is reasonably priced, making it a cost-effective option for gun owners.
  2. Comfortable Shooting: Users have reported increased shooting comfort with reduced recoil impact, potentially leading to improved accuracy.
  3. Secure Fit: Once properly installed, the pad tends to remain securely attached during shooting sessions, reducing the need for adjustments.
  4. Color Variety: The pad is available in multiple color options, allowing users to match it with the aesthetics of their firearm.


  1. Fit Challenges: Some users have encountered difficulties in properly fitting the pad onto their firearms, which can lead to instability and potential breakage.
  2. Durability Concerns: There have been reports of the pad breaking or tearing, especially when not fitted snugly, raising concerns about its overall longevity.
  3. Limited Recoil Reduction: While the pad does provide some recoil reduction, it might not offer the same level of performance as higher-end recoil pads.
  4. Color Accuracy: Users have noted that the actual color of the pad may not match the product images, potentially causing disappointment for those seeking specific color matches.
  5. Potential Slippage: Some users have experienced the pad sliding during shooting, which could impact shooting accuracy and overall comfort.
  6. Build Quality: Concerns have been raised by some users about the pad feeling cheap and lacking in premium build quality.

Buying Guide for Recoil Pad for Ak-47

If you’re a firearm enthusiast, you know that recoil can be a major issue when firing certain weapons. The AK-47, in particular, is known for its substantial kickback, making it challenging to control your shots. Fortunately, a good recoil pad can help absorb some of the recoil, making it easier to handle your rifle and improve your accuracy.

When choosing a recoil pad for your AK-47, there are several factors to consider. Here’s an in-depth guide to help you make an informed decision:

1. Material

Recoil pads can be made from a variety of materials, including rubber, foam, and gel. Rubber is the most popular material due to its durability and shock-absorbing properties. It is also resistant to the elements and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Foam pads are lightweight and offer good recoil absorption, but they may not be as durable as rubber. Gel pads are the most comfortable but may not last as long as rubber or foam.

2. Size and Fit

Choosing the right size and fit for your recoil pad is critical. If it’s too small, it won’t provide adequate protection from recoil, and if it’s too big, it may be difficult to install and can interfere with your shooting technique.

To find the right size, measure the buttstock of your AK-47 and compare it to the dimensions of the recoil pad you’re considering. Some pads may be adjustable or come in different sizes to fit a range of rifles.

3. Recoil Reduction

The main purpose of a recoil pad is to reduce recoil, so it’s essential to choose one that is designed to do so effectively. Some recoil pads offer more recoil reduction than others, so consider your needs and preferences.

If you plan on shooting your AK-47 frequently or for long periods, you may want to choose a pad with higher recoil reduction to reduce fatigue and discomfort. However, if you’re primarily using your rifle for hunting or occasional shooting, a pad with moderate recoil reduction may be sufficient.

4. Installation

Some recoil pads require professional installation, while others can be easily installed at home. Make sure to read the instructions carefully and choose a pad that is easy to install if you plan to do it yourself.

If you’re not confident in your ability to install the pad, consider taking it to a gunsmith or experienced shooter who can do it for you.

5. Price

Recoil pads can range in price from under $10 to over $100. Consider your budget and look for a pad that offers good value for the money. Remember that a more expensive pad may offer better durability and higher recoil reduction, but you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot to get a good quality pad.

6. Brand and Reviews

Finally, consider the brand and reviews of the recoil pad you’re considering. Look for reputable brands with a good track record of producing high-quality recoil pads. Reading reviews from other shooters can also be helpful in determining the quality and effectiveness of a particular pad.

In summary, when choosing a recoil pad for your AK-47, consider the material, size and fit, recoil reduction, installation, price, and brand and reviews. By taking the time to carefully evaluate your options, you can find a recoil pad that will help you manage recoil, improve your accuracy, and enhance your shooting experience.


How to control AK-47 recoil in CS GO?

Controlling the recoil of the AK-47 in CS GO requires practice and skill. The recoil pattern of the AK-47 is consistent, meaning it follows a specific path with each shot. To control it:

  • Pull down your mouse or adjust your crosshair slightly downwards as you shoot to counter the upward kick.
  • Practice in-game to familiarize yourself with the recoil pattern and learn how much to compensate for it.
  • Burst fire or tap-shoot instead of holding down the trigger to maintain accuracy.
  • Use recoil control maps and training modes to refine your skills.

How to reduce recoil on AK-47?

Reducing recoil on the AK-47 can be achieved through various means:

  • Attachments: Attachments like a compensator or muzzle brake can help reduce vertical recoil.
  • Practice: Mastering recoil control through practice and muscle memory can significantly reduce the impact of recoil.
  • Burst Firing: Instead of full-auto, fire in short bursts to control recoil and maintain accuracy.
  • Crouching: Crouching while shooting can stabilize your aim and lessen recoil.

Do AK-47 recoil buffers work?

AK-47 recoil buffers are designed to reduce the impact of the bolt carrier group hitting the receiver during recoil. They can help slightly with felt recoil and potentially extend the lifespan of certain components by reducing metal-on-metal contact. However, the effectiveness of recoil buffers can vary, and some users report minimal differences. It’s important to choose a quality buffer and ensure proper installation for the best results.

Do AK-47 and AK-74 use the same recoil spring assembly?

No, the AK-47 and AK-74 do not use the same recoil spring assembly. While they share some design similarities, they are chambered for different cartridges (7.62x39mm for AK-47 and 5.45x39mm for AK-74). As a result, their recoil spring assemblies are designed to accommodate the differences in cartridge power and firearm mechanics.

Do recoil buffers reduce wear on AK-47?

Recoil buffers can potentially reduce wear on certain components of the AK-47, such as the receiver and bolt carrier. By absorbing some of the impact during recoil, they can help minimize metal-on-metal contact and reduce the stress on these parts. However, the extent to which they reduce wear can vary depending on factors like the quality of the buffer and the shooting conditions. Regular maintenance and proper lubrication are also essential for minimizing wear and maintaining the longevity of your AK-47.

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